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Sodium Dichromate

( Na2Cr2O7 )

Chromic Acid

( H2CrO4 )

Chrome Oxide Green

( Cr2O3 )

Our Products

Our team of Qualified and Experienced Professionals is committed to providing you with the answers to your questions about our products and their compositions

Chromic Acid Flakes

Sodium Dichromate

Chromic Acid Liquid

Chrome Oxide Green

Potassium Dichromate

Copper Sulfate

Our Values

Equipped with Our four core values such as High Ethics & Standards, Fairness & Transparency, Empathy & Respect and Act Like Owners, we keep expanding into new markets, recruiting new talents, and facing new challenges

High Ethical & Standards

A zero tolerance to unethical dealings mandates that all legal and company laws, rules & regulations, policies and procedures are scrupulously adhered to.

Fairness & Transparency

All information, communication and expectations are openly and honestly shared at all levels. This creates mutual trust and respect.

satkirti chemicals

Empathy &

Be sensitive to, and listen and learn from people across all levels. Respect time and opinions. Reprimand actions, not people.

Act Like

Use the company’s resources wisely. Contribute to its growth as if it is your own. Focus on long term goals rather than short term one.


Satkirti Chemicals adopts a comprehensive strategy towards maintainability, enhancing the utilization of accessible assets, e.g. crude materials, utilities, HR, and so on


Maintaining the highest safety, health and environment standards for the betterment of the company and its employees as well as consumers.


Using the right technology and ensuring reliable supply chain plans for on-time delivery in order to be the ‘Reliable Partners’ in the business.



Striving to continuously improve our productivity ratios by focusing on operational excellence where the procedures are clearly defined.

“The extempore thought of SCPL is respect of human values, quality product, hard work and creating a family of Chromium Products. Having setforth ourselves into New India Mission, our ultimate Goal is to make transparent business relations across the globe by manufacturing quality product using state of the art plant and machineries equipped with a team of qualified and experienced professionals”.

Satish Kumar Agarwal


Why Satkirti Chemicals ?

Perhaps, this should be well answered by our esteemed clients !

We really feel proud, overwhelmed and encouraged by immense positive reviews and feedback from some of our valued customers, which suffice the question :


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